HPS – Herrmann Pneumatic Suspension

Since its establishment 1993 in the development, production and manufactures specialized in air suspension. The Swiss company HPS existing since 1993 and build pneumatic/ air suspension for passenger car only.

In the year 1998 HPS presents itself to the world market as first manufacturers into the automobile salon Geneva. Offering air-struts systems for European vehicles into the automotive accessory aftermarket sector exclusively.
HPS researches since its establishment in this technology and has the industry revolutionized…

For some years HPS affects the world-wide market witch the competitors tried to oriented and measure every day. HPS is the Pioneer of the modern air suspension technology and offers since 1993 the highest standard in this technology world-wide…

With always new innovative ideas, perfect conversion and highest building standards, the founder, Alex Herrmann sets always new yardsticks and constantly develops the product further. HPS develops and offerers chassis components for all usual vehicle, world-wide.

HPS suspensions are exported into all countries of this earth such as North America, Australia, Japan and Europe. More than 50people works and build the HPS product today…to manufacture this incredible product which looks for its same.

HPS, often copied …never one reached!