Application List
New Racing Air Suspension from HPS…
HPS pack al the experience of 20years exclusively building air suspension into this highlight of suspension build… the new EGE supertrak competition series!
EGE SuperTrak-
– multipice modular technic

– monotube gas-shock type

– Build by inox Stainless steel

– Pillowball uppermount/Uniball

– HPS heavy duty racing airsprings

– Adjustable in height with bottombracket

– setup multi-adjustable in rebound and speed

– T6 aluminium brackets and crimprings

– AMPA automatic mechanic progressive highspeed adjustable racing    shock- type valves

– Race proven

– All wheel- geometry adjustable

– Adjustable swaybar bracket

52mm mono tube calibre, HPS AMPA technology (AUTOMATIC progressive adjustment) separated in addition rebound/compression phases setup adjustment, as well as the High and Low speed range to!
For absolutely sovereign damping control also in extreme situations on racetrack’s!

HPS separate the gas- chamber out of the cylinder in the external position… Now we can move more oil for the best damping control, with outstanding handling characteristics and cars balance in all road condition and situations!

The HPS EGE ST Shock strut, which mainly of T6 titanium aluminium consists weighs only approx. half of a normal shock strut! Now we move whey less weight and mass as with a conventional shock strut. HPS builds hereby the worldwide first fully race-suited suspension based on air spring works and integrate all feature advantages in a piece of High-tech manufactured proudly in Switzerland.

Available for: AUDI, Mercedes, BMW, Porsche, Mitsubishi, Nissan, Subaru, Toyota, Honda etc.